Which type of glass should I use for my Garage Door?

Acrylic Glass Garage Door

What type of glass should I use for my Garage Door?

As the popularity of multi-functional spaces soar, so too does the demand for glass garage doors. While visually there are many options to complete the look, there are some other factors to take into consideration when making this decision.

Historically, the presence of glass in doors would often be contained to one panel of plainlites to preserve the privacy inside while giving additional light to the area. Through time, garage doors have become present within more functions, whether it be showrooms in commercial premises, gym facilities, multifunctional spaces within a home, or even the standard garage.

Glass Visual Options

The first consideration is visual appeal. The most popular finishes are clear and frosted, both of which are available in both Acrylic and Glass. For further privacy, there are a range of other types of glass such as Etched or Reflective panels to show a more traditional look while maintaining privacy. When looking into coloured options, often the default for acrylic will be a texture-free panel which would allow visibility throughout. This can be modified by applying a film to the panels, alternatively, decorative panels are a possibility.

Another visual element is the layout of the door itself. While the standard set up is our grid-like Aluminium frame, this can be easily mixed and matched with our other styles to create a custom look. Whether it be Aluminium, cedar, or a totally custom style, having glass inserts is a great addition. 


The next consideration is safety. By pure logic, having large slabs of glass above your head is not a wise move. All our doors are secured using Aluminium frames which segment the glass into smaller and lighter pieces. Further, only toughened glass is used for this purpose to take into account the extremely rare occasion that the door is impacted. Similarly to why this is the preferred choice for residential balustrades and windows, the glass is resistant to extreme temperature changes and would only break into harmless circular chunks rather than shards.

Acrylic is the other preferred option when looking into optimum safety features. Acrylic is stronger yet more lightweight than glass, heightening the durability.

Finally, our doors are finished using hidden Welded Antisags where required, allowing durability across the panel without compromising the final look. Often antisags will be installed across the panel leaving a dark shadow and reducing the finished aesthetic. 

Whether you’re looking for a unique design or more of a classic option, we will help to advise the best finish for your door.

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