Lasercut Garage Door

The Laser cut garage door is a new and modern style of door where you can have almost any pattern or artwork cut into an aluminium door. One of the most appealing aspects of this concept of door is that the range of options available are limited only by your imagination. While we work with suppliers who have a portfolio of designs available to inspire, we are always open to any image or pattern available. To finish, we have a wide range of powder-coating colour options which can be chosen for the panels to complement the existing scheme of your home or apartment building.


Another advantage of this style is that it is able to be paired with either clear, coloured or obscure Plexiglass to provide privacy and added security for your home, while still allowing light in. In the past we have found this style popular in garage doors located underneath a home with limited light, as it is a way to keep the modern aesthetic while decreasing the interior lighting requirements.


While this design style is very popular with Garage Doors, we have found that a lot of our clients prefer this style due to the ease of conversion into other building elements. For example, a lot of clients have chosen this style, and we have been able to produce extra feature panels to be attached around the house in order to update the overall aesthetic for a more modern look. This also helps to give the whole property a fully integrated look. We also have found this style to work well in apartment developments that have ventilation requirements for their underground car parks. Not only does it give them the air circulation they require but it also looks great and fits with any high spec requirements.


In order to produce this garage door all we require is a digital file which can be created in our office, or provided for you. This file is then converted to be put through the high-accuracy laser-cutting process on our aluminium sheets, and finally sent off to powder-coating to finish.



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