Prestige specialise in bespoke and high-quality garage doors to transform your home.

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Being one of the most prominent design elements within a property, the garage door wields considerable influence over a home’s aesthetic.

Beyond mere functionality, a premium garage door elevates your property to a new level of sophistication. It’s the first thing guests see, setting the tone for their entire impression of your home. Our meticulously selected range of premium garage doors offers not just visual appeal but also unparalleled durability and performance. 

At Prestige, quality is key.

We take pride in crafting doors tailored to harmonise with your property’s unique characteristics. Whether it involves seamless matching or striking contrasts, introducing natural light or enhancing insulation, our range of options knows no bounds.

Moreover, this provides security for both your household and belongings.

Quality and durability are integral for such a large feature within your property. We are proud to be leading the market in the shift from mass-production to stronger, Aluminium framed models.


* On a New or Replacement Garage Door

10+ Year Powdercoat Warranty ✓
Maintenance Free (Surface) ✓
Welded Box Frame with Lifetime Warranty ✓


Many Design Options to Choose ✓
Window Options ✓
Insulation Options ✓

25 Year Powdercoat Warranty ✓
Maintenance Free (Surface) ✓
Welded Box Frame with Lifetime Warranty ✓


Design Customisation Options ✓
Window Options ✓
Insulation Options ✓

10+ Year Powdercoat Warranty ✓
No Visible Antisags ✓
Able to be integrated with other designs ✓


Frame Customisation Options ✓
Infill Transparency Options ✓

Every home has it’s own set of characteristics which can be used to either integrate or contrast with the garage door to create the street appeal. Whether it be a Heritage home with a very specific set of design features which need to be adhered to, or a modern new build utilising a range of medias, there are many directions to take. Prestige have designated representatives servicing the Rodney region who can assist with a free design consultation

Design Considerations

Traditionally Steel has been a strong contender due to the lightweight finish however this thin gauge often results in deterioration throughout the years through warping and rippling so the market has been moving away from this direction. These days the Aluminium option is highly preferred with its thicker cladding gauge and welded frame which protects the aethetic of the door throughout its lifecycle as well as providing a natural resistance to corrosion and rust.

Cedar has historically been another popular option with a range of styles available including TG&V, Ply & Batten, and Raised Cedar. While these hold a traditional beauty, some builders have chosen to go with design replications such as Woodgrain Aluminium as this removes the need for continued paint or stain throughout the lifecycle. 

Maintenance Considerations

Another key element to consider is the maintenance requirements throughout the lifecycle of the door. While all doors require maintenance on the moving parts throughout the lifecycle, some Design options require no aesthetic maintenance as well while others require continued upkeep. Book a free design consultation in Rodney to find out more.

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Tonia Google Review

Prestige Garage Doors came highly recommended by some neighbourhood friends. It's fair to say, they absolutely lived up to the recommendation. Their end-to-end process, from initial on-site consultation to final installation and follow up was seamless. One of their local managers made contact quickly after I sent through an online enquiry, and while on-site clearly explained everything I wanted to know - from materials used, options for insulation, door colouring, durability of materials, measurements to be taken, installation time-frames, and warranties, etc. Their office team kept in touch throughout the door manufacturing process with updates.

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Phil B
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Phil Google Review

Prestige doors delivered a great product that I'm really happy with. Going for an aluminium door was a great choice for the durability and low maintenance and has a wood like appearance that really suits the house. The added functionality of being able to use an App to open and close the doors is a great feature. Communication, delivery and installation was all excellent from initial consultation through to the completion.
Sharyn H
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Sharyn Google Review

My husband and I wanted our garage door swapped out for a glass garage door. I looked on line and after talking to lots of other garage door places I came across prestige doors. Because I was very fussy customer I asked lots of questions and wanted to look at a glass garage door that they had installed in the past. They gave me two addresses and I went to both addresses and saw exactly what I wanted. I was very happy to have them install my glass garage door. They came out and removed my old door and installed the new one in a couple of hours and the door is now working well and the garage is now light with sunlight coming in.

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Peter Google Review

Thanks to Gabi and Ben at Prestige Garage Doors for an amazing job on our garage door replacement!! We wanted something a bit different and their design team created exactly what we had in mind. Great attention to detail and the communication throughout was awesome. We couldn't be more pleased!

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Founded in 1992, Prestige Garage Doors began as a home based, family owned retailer of garage doors. While our current range started as a solution to more technical projects we soon began to receive requests from Architects to raise the industry standard in delivering premium quality products. We now employ a highly capable team of welders, fabricators and office staff to deliver fully customisable, hand-crafted products.



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