Ventilated Garage Door

Ventilation requirements are present in a range of developments from standard residential to commercial. While traditionally the options have been limited on the design side, these days there is a large range of options so that the facade of the property isn’t compromised due to these obligations.



The most customisable and arguably most popular option is the Laser-Cut Aluminium Door. Regardless of whether the design is standard, such as mesh / graphic or something bespoke such as imagery / text this will all have the same process. This format of design can be used to create an entirely ventilated door, or just a single panel within to meet requirements. 

This can also be used in to create a personal customised finish such as incorporating both brand text and imagery as well as family (eg a Crest).


Mesh is another classic option which has been used historically to allow ventilation into garages. This is customisable by insert size and shape and creates a great uniform look.


The Louvre finish is a classic and is often used on other parts of the property such as the Gate and as a design aspect. While the louvre fins can be used to create a sealed door it is often used as either one panel or a full door to allow for ventilation. This design is great as it is often used in contract with other louvre features on the property.

As all of the design options are created from Aluminium they can all be used in conjunction with other Aluminium panels to create a unique look. These doors can also have some a mixture of sealed panels and ventilated depending on the requirements. The sealed panels can be sealed with Plexiglass to allow visibility throughout the door or obscure to allow for privacy. 



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