Timber Look Aluminium Garage Doors

The Timber Look Garage Door offers a low maintenance alternative to the Cedar Counterpart. The Cedar door is one of the most popular designs in New Zealand with its classic style. But the natural properties of cedar leave potential for it to change visually throughout its lifecycle. Continued upkeep throughout the lifecycle is a great preventative measure. But natural cedar is prone to rot, warp, shrinkage, or cracking due to the external environment. This maintenance also comes with a cost, and failure to maintain these in due course and to the right standard can weaken the door.


The timber look TGV door replicates the painted “board-style” timber aesthetic, however by delivering this in Powdercoated Aluminium this removes the need for aesthetic maintenance.

Timber Look Garage Door Powdercoat Warranty

The wide range of standard powdercoat options replicates the finish of a painted door. Depending on the selection this also holds a 10,15 or 20 year powdercoat warranty. Metwood powdercoat replicates the natural grain of cedar. Metwood has hundreds of colour bases and grain options available for selection. This finish also offers a 25 Year Powdercoat Warranty.

Style Options

As all Prestige Garage Doors are custom made this allows access to a large range of timber look styles. Our custom Aluminium TGV extrusion replicates a Cedar TGV or Shiplap aesthetic. The Ply & Batten style is also available in a Powdercoated Aluminium finish. As all our doors are custom made, we are able to replicate many other popular styles such as Louvre.

Customisation Options

The timber look TG&V door is sought after due to the high level of customisation options. Window design can vary from either a traditional plainlite to colonial style. Borders and overlying battens can also be used to add individuality.
The combination of both Windows and Battens create a traditional style, widely popular in New Zealand.


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