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Experience The Sophistication Of Glass Garage Doors

When you are considering your Garage Door options, you might want to look at a Glass Garage Door. NZ customers love the Plexiglass style of Glass Garage Doors. Constructed using a sturdy Aluminium frame, and finished using either clear, coloured, or translucent plexiglass to complete the door, this style allows for light to enter through the garage door which could potentially reduce interior lighting and heating costs, while still having the option for privacy with a translucent finish. These doors are very popular in modern housing when garages are used as workshops or rumpus rooms and can potentially add more value to your home. View our gallery of Glass Garage Doors, and get in touch with our Prestige team to discuss your project.

Glass Garage Doors For Any Application

While we mostly provide Glass Garage Doors for residential properties, at Prestige we have found that this style of door is very adaptable on other types of property, and in the place of other building elements. We have used these doors as makeshift walls in wineries, restaurants, and day cares, as a Glass Garage Door can provide the look and feel of a glass door, with the added flexibility of being able to be opened upwards rather than to the side.

Another popular concept using this style of Glass Door is to pair it with the laser-cut panels, to create a unique look for a modern home, while still having the privacy of a second layer to fully seal off the house. There really are countless possibilities when it comes to adding a Glass Garage Door. NZ customers can rely on our expert designers to make your wish a reality. As we like to say at Prestige, if you can dream it, we can bring it to life.

The Benefit Of Plexiglass For Your Glass Garage Doors

When you’re considering installing a Glass Garage Door, NZ homeowners might want to think about Plexiglass. Plexiglass has become a popular option for those who want to give a contemporary look to their Garage Door. Plexiglass is used in a wide range of products and building uses, such as sunrooms and greenhouses, and it is often used to replace traditional glass windowpanes in commercial buildings.

Depending on the size of the panes, a Plexiglass Garage Door will let in natural light, making it easier to be inside your Garage without having to rely on electrical lighting. It also has UV resistance, so will protect anything inside the garage which is particularly useful if the interior of the garage is used for storage or as a partial living space, ensuring personal items are not degraded by the UV.

See Why Plexiglass Is An Outstanding Choice

One of the other advantages to using Plexiglass over regular glass is that it is a relatively lightweight material, but still allows for a high level of strength and durability due to its acrylic properties. It’s said to be ten times more impact-resistant than regular glass and will crack rather than shatter, so you don’t have to sacrifice the look and beauty of your new Garage Door, to ensure it’s safe and will last a long time.

Whether you want to increase your curbside appeal or add value to your home, you’ll make a real visual impact to your home with a Glass Garage Door. NZ customers can get in touch with our team today to learn more about our products and to get a quote.


Plexiglass Snow Garage Door White Frame

Single Garage Door Plexiglass Snow

Plexiglass Snow Garage Door Black Frame

Double Garage Door Plexiglass Snow

Etchlite Glass Garage Door

Plexiglass Crystal Satin Garage Doors

Custom Plexiglass Garage Door, Clear & Snow Plexiglass infill

Satin Crystal Plexiglass Garage Door

4 panels x 4 bays Black Frame Plexiglass Garage Door


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