Metwood Aluminium Garage Doors

Introducing our game-changing garage door product, the epitome of excellence: Metwood Powdercoat finished with an extensive 25-year warranty! Gone are the days of laborious upkeep with natural cedar alternatives. Our innovation offers a plethora of profiles, including the timeless “TGV” board style, charming board and batten, and sleek flat panel look. And that’s just the beginning!

Customization knows no bounds, as you have the power to design your dream door. Add battens for a charming “craftsman” style, or opt for windows and insulation to suit your needs perfectly. Embrace creativity with various finishes like the rich timber look, rustic copper, contemporary concrete, and more. Your vision, your choice.

But it doesn’t stop there. We understand that durability is of utmost importance. That’s why we constructed the door on a welded box frame, which comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring it stands the test of time. The strength and resilience provided give you peace of mind like never before.

Our key offering is simple: low maintenance and unwavering durability. We want you to focus on the moments that matter, not on maintaining your garage door. With Metwood powdercoat, it’s built to last, requiring minimal effort on your part.

Don’t miss out on this transformative addition to your home. Step into the future of garage doors with our Metwood powdercoat masterpiece. Experience the warmth of wood aesthetics without the hassle. Elevate your curb appeal, safeguard your investment, and embrace the ease of living with our Metwood garage door. Discover more at Your home deserves the best.




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