In a market inundated with options, it can be hard to determine the best design options. 

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Founded in 1992, Prestige Doors and Gates have been supplying New Zealand with quality garage doors for many years.

Key Considerations for Garage Door Types

While the final design is often the priority when selecting a garage door, there are many other features to take into account. 


Proximity to the sea is a key element to take into account when considering the material finish. For seaside homes the potential for rust is first and foremost a consideration for the final cladding material. However, depending on the proximity and use, the hardware may also need to be powdercoated to provide full protection. 

Property Use

Whether the property in question is a tenanted property or a long-term family home, there are some considerations to take into account. For a family home, it is likely that you want something that will look good both now and in 15 years. Longevity and aesthetic would therefore be large contributing factors. For a tenanted home, while some tenants may treat the house like their home, unfortunately this is not always the case. Whether its younger families playing sports on the driveway with their kids, or young adults in a flatting situation. You want something that is durable against whoever may occupy the property. 

Intended use for Garage

Whether for a tool shed, home gym, rumpus room, or spare office, there are many potential uses for garage space. Finding the right garage door not only helps maximise the use of the space, but can also save on costs such as lighting and heating. The use of windows is a great option to bring additional lighting to the area, particularly for a garage space that is lower than the ground level. With a range of infill options this can be customised for the perfect privacy and transparency levels. To maximise heating and acoustic transfer, there are also a range of insulation options to suit. 


There are many other features such as technological requirements, maintenance requirements, and pure design features that Prestige advise on every day. 



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