Custom Timber Garage Door

Wood is a popular cladding option throughout the construction industry. Its versatility allows a wide range of design options to compliment different aesthetics. Below are some tried and true designs, but there are endless options that can complete your property. Click here for your free design consultation


Custom Barn Style Garage Door

Random Shiplap Custom Garage Door

Herringbone Garage Door with Windows

Custom Window Cedar Garage Door

Custom Window Cedar Garage Door

Ply & Batten Garage Door

Ply & Batten Garage Door

Barn Style

The barn style is a popular design option from homes through to boat sheds. This design is customisable from the base design through to the overlaid battens and fixings. This can be further personalised using our wide range of window designs.

Random Shiplap

Shiplap Garage Doors are a popular choice for both Flushmount fit or recessed. A customisation option is to use random widths to achieve a unique look. This design either utilises a random profile or random boards of compatible profiles.


Herringbone pattern recreates a similar visual appeal to the herring fish. This design is popular within the flooring industry but is adaptable to the garage door industry using cedar boards. The diagonal effect is well suited as a stand-alone design but is also well paired with windows.

Custom Windows

As all our Garage Doors are custom-made in our Auckland factory, we design every element to suit. Windows in particular are a great design option to achieve visibility and light within the garage. We customise every window from the size, layout, and glass infill material to achieve the perfect design for your home.

Ply & Batten

The Ply & Batten design has been a staple in the garage door industry for many years. We create this style using cedar battens on marine-grade ply, and fully customise the door down to the number of bays and battens. The cedar counterpart of this design is often paired with windows and can be finished in Oil, Stain, or Paint. In recent years as homeowners aim to reduce their home maintenance, the Aluminum counterpart has taken off in popularity. Using a Powdercoat finish reduces the ongoing cedar requirements necessary to maintain integrity.



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