Aluminium Board & Batten Garage Doors

The Aluminium Board & Batten door was created to replicate the traditional ply and cedar batten door. The traditional option is often created from timber with a natural look, however, the timber alternative requires maintenance and upkeep throughout the doors life and can be prone to weathering.  Aluminium replicates a paint finish but is aesthetically maintenance free. Finished in Powdercoated Aluminium, this holds a 1015, or 20 year Powdercoat Warranty.

Given the unique construction, it is crucial that the painting is done correctly and reaches all the surface required. Cedar is prone to change throughout its lifecycle with environmental changes due to the natural properties. For instance the presence of moisture and changing temperatures can cause shrinking, warp, or cracking. By using a non-natural material this eliminates the environmental changes throughout the lifecycle.

By utilising a Welded Box Frame which holds a Lifetime Warranty this also maximised the fixing area between the ply and the frame unlike many steel alternatives. This minimises the potential for the ply to come off the frame through time.


As every door is custom made this can be manufactured with horizontal, vertical, or diagonal battens to suit your preference. Given the increasing use of multifunctional spaces, the garage door can also be combined with windows to allow light to get into the garage space.

The windows come in a variety of options to suit the home. Whether it be colonial to plainlite as the design, and Plexiglass to Glass for the infill, each option brings a slightly different quality to the door.

Meanwhile, given the increasing use of multifunctional spaces, there are many other add-ons which can be utilised in your garage. Should this be a live-able space there are some different insulation options which can be used to maintain the thermal and acoustic environment. Should the garage be required by many people there is a Mobile Phone App add-on which can have many entities included without the need for many remotes.



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