Flushmount Garage Door

We Can Do Flush Mount Garage Doors 

We’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing Flush Mount Garage Doors for over 29 years. We consider ourselves true innovators when it comes to creating our designs. Our remarkable Flushmount Garage Doors have grown to become an increasingly popular style of door in modern architecture.
It is often referred to as the ‘Invisible Garage Door’, as it can completely blend and integrate into the face of your home. You will be amazed by how easy it is for us to create an ‘Invisible Garage Door’. In fact, from the outside people won’t even know it’s a garage until the door is open. That’s the magic of Flush Mount Garage Doors.
Lifetime Warranty on Prestige Welded Aluminium Frames

Create A Seamless Appearance

With a Prestige Flush Mount Garage Door, the garage door and the external wall are situated on the same plane. An ‘Invisible Garage Door’ is usually clad with the same or similar building materials to the exterior of your building, commonly these are timber, composite timber, metal, aluminium composite panels, or something else. The cladding on the garage door simply integrates with the facade of the property, allowing you to devise a garage that becomes a part of the wall system, and blends in smoothly with your home. This visionary design becomes like a piece of modern art, and will elevate your property, wowing anyone who comes to visit.

We Are Experts At Manufacturing & Installing Flush Mount Garage Doors

Over our many years in business, we’ve found that the key to our successful range of Flush Mount Garage Doors, lies within our process of production and installation. Even being just a few millimetres off target can change the entire aesthetic of your ‘Invisible Garage Door’. Our design team ensures production drawings take every unique site element into account and we work with some of the best installers in the industry to ensure the best possible accuracy. We find by using Welded Aluminium, it allows for a lighter and better-looking frame than Steel counterparts. 

 Being lighter also allows thicker and larger extrusions for our frames which creates extremely strong and durable doors with oversize potential. The frame can also be finished in a Powdercoat, therefore giving a huge variety of colours. Above all, our attention to detail is of paramount importance. We work with our installers and clients to create a tailored installation solution. Our product package is inclusive of all components required for an invisible finish. For example, this includes consultations, production, installation (throughout wider Auckland), automation and warranty. With such professionalism, it’s no surprise that so many customers turn to us at Prestige, for their Flushmount Garage Door.

We Offer Bespoke Solutions For Flush Mount Garage Doors

One of the most common Flush cladding options is timber. Whether it be shiplap, weatherboards, or custom battens, the options are endless. As the nature of a Flushmount Garage Door is bespoke, we love to explore different designs. Some other popular options we have used include roofing materials, and Nu-Wall Aluminium. Above all, we are always excited at the prospect of a new concept to expand our portfolio. Whether the project is at the planning stage, or your construction or renovation has already started, we are happy to jump on board and have you covered for all your Flushmount Garage Door needs.


Due to the high accuracy required for a Flushmount finish, it is crucial to get it right from the planning stage.

Prestige have all the construction detailing required to achieve a high-quality integrated look. 



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