Garage Doors Auckland

Prestige Doors have been supplying quality garage doors in the industry for over 25 years. 

We are involved every step of the way – from design, to manufacture, to installation we deliver the full package of one of the most prominent design features on your property. Our Showroom located in Penrose have a wide range of styles on offer including up-coming designs that haven’t hit the mainstream market yet. 


We have a wide range of standard designs available as well as fully custom-made.

Aluminium Doors

Perfect for the salty New Zealand climate, our Aluminium Garage Doors are popular in Auckland for both their sleek style and durability. The customisation options are endless from Negative Details, Batten Features, Windows, or Laser-Cut, this door completes a property aesthetic with ease.

Timber Doors

For a more traditional look, the timber doors are available in a wide range of design options to suit every property. The warmth provided from the classic material is perfect for your home and can be finished with Paint, Stain or Oil to achieve totally different aesthetics. While Horizontal or Vertically clad are some of our more popular cedar designs, we specialise in customising designs to suit your property. 

Plexiglass Doors

These doors are perfect for allowing light into your property. There are many options including transparent and obscure, Plexiglass and plain or coloured which can each be used to deliver a different aesthetic. 

Custom Doors

While Prestige Doors have a range of pre-made custom garage doors, we also specialise in creating totally custom products. Whether its a new cladding product that has hit the market or re-imagining an old concept, we can do it all. 

Steel Doors

For this wih affordability on their mind, we have a range of Steel options.



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