In real estate, this demonstrates how identical homes in different areas can have totally different values. This also applies to other property factors crucial to keep the investment value. Location can affect the longevity and investment value of a Garage Door. If identified early we can avoid or minimise the effects. Read on to find which Garage Door Types are better suited to different locations.

Unique Environment of New Zealand

New Zealand has a unique environment causing different aging factors.

The wind levels and salty air across New Zealand encourages rust on Steel based products. Replacement of folded steel doors may occur a few times over a property’s lifecycle due to the weakness to rust. Even on Aluminium doors, the hardware is often manufactured from Steel. For coastal environments we recommend powdercoated hardware to extend it’s protection.

Proximity To Main Highways or Loud Areas

Locations near loud areas such as highways or parks often face high noise pollution. Insulation is often used to regulate temperature, but this is also a great option for noise. This works both ways if the garage’s intended use is for loud activities such as band practice or a workshop.

Proximity To City Centres

Given the vast areas of land across New Zealand, it’s important to consider proximity to city centres. For cedar doors, the cost of travel for a painter also contributes to the lifecycle cost. For rural areas, power outages can also cause disruptions. Openers should thus include Battery Back Ups.

Direction Of Property

Not only is the physical location important, so too is the direction of the house. If the garage door is facing the sun, this can speed up the aging process of some doors, eg Cedar Doors. All cedar doors are prone to drying and cracking in direct sunlight, but cedar doors finished in dark colours are particularly prone. This is why no cedar supplier guarantees cedar doors with dark finishes. 

The sunlight direction of any garage door types also affects the internal temperature. Doors receiving high sunlight should consider insulation to regulate the internal temperature.
Depending on the intended use, windows can also bring light into a garage with minimal lighting.

Direction Of House – Oil Canning Effect on Garage Door Types

Oil canning can effect properties for many reasons, one of them being the direction of the house. For houses facing the sun, if there is not room for thermal expansion / contraction this causes tension in the sheet leading to oil canning. This is commonly found in Steel Doors constructed on a folded metal base. Check out some photos comparing angles to the sun here.

Oil canning can also be a result of inconsistencies in gauge or cladding installed on an uneven surface. To combat this, using either heavier gauge materials or a design with negative detail is better suited to allow for thermal changes. 

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