Can my garage door be repaired?

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Can my garage door be repaired?

There are a range of different accidents that can cause damage requiring garage door repair or the associated hardware. While some of them can be easy fixes, some need a little more effort.

Damage to Door Panels

One of the most common accidents is impact to the panels, usually by a car or moving object coming past. Depending on the severity of the scrape it could be anything from a simple panel replacement to a full replacement of the hardware and door.

Metal Doors

The Flat Panel style of most Aluminium or metal doors is easy to replicate. A key consideration is whether inconsistencies in the coating batch could lead to colour differences. The age of the door could also come into play as there may be sun fade across the panels.

Cedar Doors

Cedar Doors

Cedar door construction often differs from company to company, so repairs may not be possible from an alternate supplier. When going back to your original supplier, there are a few factors to take into consideration.

If the door has a natural finish, the grain would differ across panels as every cedar board is different, leading to an inconsistent finish. The final coatings could also have a similar issue as above where the paint batch or painter could lead to inconsistencies in the finish.

Hardware & Motor

Another note of consideration is the severity of the impact. If this has changed the setup or integrity of the hardware, further repairs may need to be done.

Only a certified Garage Door Installer should repair any damage to hardware. The hardware handles a significant weight which can be very dangerous to adjust. Regular maintenance of your garage door is essential to keep the door safe and operating at its best. You can find a guideĀ here.

The motor can sometimes be one of the easiest fixes. Often dead batteries in remotes can be a solution for probles. Or, what appears to be a garage door fault actually derives from an incorrect motor limit setting. Contact us to help diagnose and repair your motor or garage door.

If your door has been damaged, get in touch to determine the best next step for you


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