How much does a Custom Made Garage Door Cost?

Custom Window Cedar Garage Door

As one of the largest visual features on a properties’ façade, your garage door design can significantly affect the aesthetic of your home. Taking the time to work through the design considerations not only ensures your satisfaction as you enter your home but can also have a financial effect on the resale value of your home as well.

As all garage doors manufactured by Prestige Doors are custom made, sometimes opting for a Custom made garage door as opposed to a standard style can have a minimal price difference. Here are the key considerations affecting garage door cost when looking into your options;


As the market continues to innovate with new building materials and cladding options, this opens up a whole new range of design options.

NuWall Flushmount Garage Door

The cost of the cladding material itself would often be a key consideration factor for price changes. For example, standard Aluminium sheet is already incorporated into the price of many garage doors, so using a unique Aluminium cladding would only cause a change if this was passed on from the desired supplier. Similarly, as standard cedar profiles are allowed for, changing the profile or supplier would only have an effect if this was passed on from the alternate material supplier.


As all our garage doors are custom-made to suit, the labour required to manufacture the door is another key factor. The Prestige production team come from a range of backgrounds bringing unique skillsets, allowing us to minimise the labour costs. However, designs requiring additional hands-on work will need to be considered.

The addition of windows, borders, and battens are common examples of design modifications. However as many of these skills are incorporated into our other standard designs, our fabricators are experienced in this fabrication style allowing us to minimise this additional garage door cost.

Utilising unique cladding materials is another labour consideration, although this could lead to price modifications in either direction depending on the ease of use.

Weight implications on Garage Door Cost

Historically, when steel doors dominated the market the standard garage door would be approximately 50kg. As the size of garages increase and new building materials are utilised, it is not out of the ordinary to have garage doors weighing anywhere from 100-300kgs. This is often found in garage doors where heavy cladding materials are used. Hence, each of our doors goes through a design consultation process to see if this can be reduced while maintaining the aesthetic. The additional weight leads to the need for extra consideration to be taken on the hardware, motor, and additional safety accessories to ensure a well-functioning and safe garage door.


As the residential construction market evolves and changes priorities, so too does the garage door industry. While previously garage door insulation hadn’t been a priority, this is an increasing request to consolidate the insulation used on the wider household. In addition, as Smart Homes gain popularity this is seen in the demand for Smart-Phone capabilities for garage door motors.

If you are considering going for a Custom Made Garage door, please get in touch to arrange an obligation-free design consultation and quote for your home.


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