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Every Garage door is different but every door should be given some TLC to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Some doors even need servicing within the first year of installation. To ensure your garage door remains healthy and long lasting, take note of the different things to look out for below and how you can deal with them:

• The garage door feels heavy when being used manually – this often means the springs need adjustment. Contrary to popular belief the springs are under most pressure when the door is closed, this is because the springs natural position is when the garage door is open.

• The garage door stops or bounces back when opening or closing – this can be the case if the hinges need lubricating, the motor limits need to be adjusted, or the springs need adjustment. Dust can build up in the hinges and hardware causing them to dry out and struggle to move smoothly.

• The torsion cable has fallen off the cable drum – this is usually a case of the garage door hitting an obstacle or one spring losing more tension than the other. In either case do not use the garage door and get a professional to look at it for you asap.

• The garage door is noisy – this often means that the hinges need lubricating, but it can also mean that the door is putting strain on the motor because the springs need an adjustment. If lubricating doesn’t help, call a professional.

• The light of the garage door is not turning on when opening – the bulb might be loose or could need a replacement, otherwise call a professional to assess your motor. If replacing the bulb, make sure the same specs are used.

• The remotes are not working – If this is only one of the remotes try replacing the battery. If it is multiple remotes try reconnecting the remotes to the motor using the manual. If this doesn’t work, call a professional.

To keep your door from having problems we recommend regularly lubricating the moving parts and cleaning the outside of your door in the same fashion you would your car using soap and water. This will help to keep your door in top shape.


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