How do Automated Gates Work?

When it comes to automatic gate manufacture, knowing the details can help inform your purchasing decisions. While it may seem like gates only serve simple purposes – they either let people in or keep them out – you’ll realise once you start shopping around that there are plenty of decisions that need to be made. More importantly, these days, heavier gates are becoming the most common choice as they can be automated. This helps you avoid needing to push and pull them open and shut manually.

There’s plenty of reasons to be in the market for an automatic gate; style, security, comfort – but no matter why you’re exploring the product, you need to know how different types of automatic gates work.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are characterised by their opening and closing motion – much like a door, they turn on hinges at their corners. Typically, they are powered by arms attached to the gateposts, rather than a powered hinging mechanism. The arms can be stationary and connected to the main body of the gate, but some designs could even have arms that slide in rails along the length of the gate.

These hydraulic arms are driven by either an underground or over-ground system. If you have an underground drive for this type of gate, it can be more difficult to access it yourself. Generally speaking, you’d want to hire a professional to make repairs or adjustments either way, but it’s worth taking into account, in case you want to be able to make smaller fixes yourself.

Overground power supplies for swing gates are commonly installed into the pillars that support the gate itself.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates, on the other hand, are powered by gearboxes that mesh with gear teeth on the gate itself. Rather than opening like a door, sliding gates retract to one side – the motor they are equipped with allows them to push or pull the gate at a 90-degree angle. There are some circumstances where a cantilevered system – where the gate is suspended above the driveway and slides open in sections – might be implemented instead. For example, this is useful when the gate in question is on an uneven driveway, or the property is situated on a sharp incline.

Why automate?

The biggest reason homeowners love automated gates is the improvement in security. Beyond simply keeping your family safe from intruders, electric gates are also great for your peace of mind when it comes to the odd salespeople or stray animals.

Automated gates are also far easier to use – being able to operate the gate from a distance saves you time and effort. Rather than constantly getting in and out of your car to leave your property, you can do it with nothing more than the push of a button.

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