Why You Should Insulate Your Garage

Garage Door Insulation

Garage door insulation is a great way to make your garage as effective as possible. A garage is more than just the place to keep your car safe from the elements, it’s also essentially a personal storage unit. Not to mention the other things many people do with their garages! Gyms, rumpus areas, workshops – all these things might have a place in your garage. But to be truly useful, no matter its purpose for your home, it needs to be fully insulated.

A fully-insulated garage works for the homeowner in a number of key ways. Let’s dive in on the reasons why you should insulate your garage.


The materials and processes that go into building a garage often assume that there is less priority toward making the space liveable, since it’s unlikely anyone will be sleeping in the garage. This effectively means garages tend to mimic the same ambient temperature outside your home.

While this is perfectly fine when it’s nice outside, in the depths of winter and the height of summer, the temperature in your garage isn’t good for your house, or your car for that matter. If you use your garage for storage, this can be an issue for the safety of your items, too. It also means you can’t comfortably use your garage as a gym, especially during the hot months.

Energy Efficiency

When your garage isn’t insulated, you’re providing a path for heat to either escape or creep into your home. This costs you money – putting your air condition or heating appliances under undue stress, and potentially pushing up your electric bill much higher than it needs to be. Rather than working your A/C extra hard to compensate, insulating your garage can save you a lot of money in the long run!

Controlled Noise

A fully insulated garage traps noise well as it keeps undesirable noise out and contains garage noise in, while a partially insulated garage won’t make as noticeable of a difference. This is great for those of us who love to have projects on the go – garage door insulation can save you from becoming the noisy, drilling neighbour everyone else is talking about! Some people opt for garage door insulation in order to keep noise from getting in, though this depends on the level of street noise you have to deal with. House owners that are near bridges or highways will undoubtedly want to mitigate the noise as much as possible.

Whether you are trying to keep the noise level down in your home’s interior, or you want to keep your teenager’s band practice from tearing apart the neighbourhood, garage door insulation is the solution you’re looking for.

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Garage door insulation is undoubtedly an important part of keeping your home, car, and lifestyle safe from the elements. To find out more, talk to the garage door experts and Prestige Doors & Gates! Get in touch with us now to find out about all the services we offer – flushmount doors, custom door cladding, accessories and more! Contact us today!


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