The Pros & Cons of Garage Windows

Pressed Panel Garage Doors with Windows

The Pros & Cons of Garage Windows

Whether you have metal or Timber Garage Doors, the garage has a reputation for being small, dark and dirty. It’s a place that typically gets little natural light, garages are often under-utilised, a space that gets relegated to storage, and nothing more.

If you don’t want your garage to feel so cramped and dark, windows are the quickest way to introduce some life to the place! That said, garage door windows may not be the right fit for everyone, so we’ve put together a comprehensive blog about their pros and cons.

First off, we’ll start with the positives!


Natural Light

The most straightforward gain from garage door windows is the increase in natural light. This brings a dimension of comfort to your garage that can’t be replicated any other way, and makes your garage ideal for a number of uses. Many homeowners who don’t store their vehicles in their garage throughout the summer find that it can make a great space for entertaining friends, hosting a garage sale, etc. Having a sun-lit garage also gives you the freedom to transform it into a gym, or work area.

Sunlight also helps disperse the cold, clammy atmosphere that can develop in a garage over the colder months, especially if you plan to keep the door shut for an extended period of time.


A less-obvious boon is an enormous impact it can have your home’s design aesthetic. The potential increase in visual charm is vast, making the addition of windows a common avenue for those looking to renovate and sell their home. There are plenty of options with regard to integrating garage door windows with your home’s existing design. Some opt to match them to the rest of the windows already present in the house, while others decide to implement entirely new, complementary designs.

If you are renovating, and have already decided you’re interested in Custom Garage Doors, windows are worth exploring as an addition. When pursuing a particular design sensibility, garage door windows can be the perfect way to explore the aesthetic further.




This drawback is entirely dependent on the way your property is set up. Many urban or suburban homes have garages that are positioned right next to the street, and this may be a concern for you. Owners of houses with longer driveways probably won’t think twice about this, but those that don’t may not want their garage interior to be visible to passers-by.

Generally, people get around this by installing either tinted or frosted glass, which allows light in, but limits visibility. This is also why garage door windows tend to be placed at the very top of the door – sunlight can still stream in, but the windows are far above eye-level.



The other drawback is connected to insulation – when windows are installed, the insulation for that section of the door is nullified. This isn’t ideal if you do plan to move your personal gym or office into the garage, but isn’t too much of a concern for most, as the garage isn’t somewhere that you’re going to spend much of your time.

That said, it is possible to circumvent this by using double-glazing – the cost is a little higher, but when shopping for garage door windows, it’s likely a customer has budgeted a fair amount for them already.

Garage Windows: Still undecided?

Still not sure whether garage door windows are right for you? Talk to the experts – Prestige Garage Doors are reliable, functional and beautiful. Give us a call today, and find out how we can help you get the most out of your home!


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