How Investing in Gates Keeps Tenants Longer

Despite what you might have heard, now is a great to time to be a landlord. Today’s millennial tenants want flexibility and freedom, so they’re more inclined to rent than invest in property themselves. But no matter who you’re renting to, sometimes a tenant wants to leave. Not to mention it can be tricky to find a tenant in the first place, as the market can be quite competitive. Landlords have to keep up with the responsibilities of leasing property in order to be successful.

To help curb quick tenant turnaround, it’s important to keep your property well-maintained and safe. Gate installation is a great way to boost safety, and this makes it an excellent investment. Not only are you going to make the property feel safer to your tenants, you’re also investing directly in the property itself, if you ever choose to sell it on.

What makes modern gates a safety benefit for your tenants?

Gates are a great way to deter theft, and they help improve the security and peace of mind of not just your tenants, but yours too! You don’t have to worry so much about your property’s security, especially if you’re between tenants or out of town.

Furthermore, gates can be a huge safety benefit in other ways. Most commonly, they keep children and animals from the dangers of the road. It’s more common than it ever has been in the past for younger families to be renting, so this is a growing concern for many.

Finally, gates can also boost the privacy of your property, especially if it’s particularly close to the road. This can make the location much more comfortable for your tenants and encourage them to stay longer.

Make sure you work with the best

The team here at Prestige Doors and Gates have been operating for nearly two decades, and we have experience in design, manufacturing, and installation. We know gates inside and out, and we understand that when you choose to install one, you want your investment to pay off.

A poorly installed gate has the potential to work against you—tenants who get frustrated with opening or closing it will eventually be driven away. But a well-installed gate that’s easy to use will be a huge advantage when tenants are shopping around for property.

You can rely on us to make sure that the installation goes off without a hitch. This means surveying the location, inspecting the electrical infrastructure, and guaranteeing that the installation is quick and easy for your tenants too.

Not to mention we also offer ongoing maintenance—if you opt for an electric gate to really impress your tenants, we can make sure it keeps on running year to year.

Get exactly what you need

Finally, you don’t have to worry about choosing a gate that doesn’t quite fit your property. We have the resources and equipment to reliably manufacture whatever gate design you’re looking for. Our flagship gates are powder-coated aluminium, but you can contact us for details on other materials too. From the popular louvre style, to unique laser-cut designs, we have something available to match any home, making it more attractive to tenants and future property buyers alike.

Unfortunately, Prestige no longer manufacture gates.


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