Keep Your Automatic Gate Working Well with These Maintenance Tips

Upgrading your property’s access with an automatic gate is convenient, secure and attractive. It also adds value to your property – a winner of a move all around the board. However, as a system with mechanical and electrical components, your automatic gate must be maintained properly to ensure it keeps working the way it should, preventing inconvenient and expensive problems down the line. Looking after your gate isn’t difficult – but it does need to be done.

So you want to make automatic gate maintenance a breeze? Start with these tips!

Clean it on the regular

Simply washing your gate and occasionally waxing it will keep it looking attractive as well as preventing the serious consequences of it getting dirty. As soon as neglect leads to your gate’s finish flaking or tarnishing, it becomes a whole lot harder to take it off the tracks, get it water blasted, refinished and rehung. It only needs a wash every few months or after heavy soiling, so this one’s easy.

Keep things on track

The moving components require special attention, because if they get damaged the gate could stop functioning correctly. Ensure the wheel tracks don’t get filled with organic matter like soil or leaf litter – give it a regular check and clean out if necessary. You should also keep the wheels and hinges oiled to prevent them wearing or grinding down – the higher the quality of the oil, the more effective it’ll be, so avoid the WD40 if you can.

Watch out for water

Fresh and saltwater both pose risks to your automatic gate. It’s essential to make sure the area around the gate, and especially the motor, has correct drainage. If it gets flooded, the water could leak into the motor or the electronics and cause serious damage. Meanwhile, if you live near the sea, the salt getting on your gate can cause components to oxidise. If you live near the coast, you can coat your gate with an anti-oxidising agent or paint to prevent damage.

Maintain a bug free zone

Insects can cause massive problems for your gate – with the addition of even a little moisture, trails left by snails or slugs and spider webs become electrically conductive, so they can cause serious damage if they’re in the vicinity of your gate’s circuit board, while ant, bee and wasp nests can be corrosive. Secure housing for your circuitry is one thing, but pest control in the form of poisons, moth balls or other methods is recommended.

Functionality is key

Simple, regular checks of a few key things can keep your gate fully functional at all times. Your checklist should include looking for obstructions, such as plants in front of the photocell beams, keeping power supply on to the motor, and always knowing where your motor or manual override key is in case of a power outage or system failure. This isn’t just a matter of convenience – you should always make sure your access isn’t impaired in case of emergency situations.

First thing’s first, you need a gate to maintain

You won’t get very far with maintaining your automatic gate if you haven’t got one installed. Improve your access and security while also upping your property value – and as a bonus, be done with the routine of getting out of your car to open the gate every time you arrive home. 

Unfortunately, Prestige no longer manufacture Gates. 


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