COVID-19 Installation Guidelines

Staff Installing Pedestrian Gate

Both our employees and subcontracted installations team will be required to follow our Alert Level 3 installations procedure as below. 

Site Entry

Before arranging installation we will require full confirmation that the site is ready for installation as per the checklist provided by our Sales Representative.

Our installer will contact your site manager or other designated person to alert them to our arrival time on site.

Our installer will outline which areas of the property we will need to access in order to fulfill our duties. We will then require confirmation that our installer is able to access the locations required on site without coming into close proximity of any other person on site.

Our installer will carry all their own PPE and follow our comprehensive internal sanitisation and health and safety guidelines.

We have also provided our employees and contractors with a set of screening questions to check whether they are fit to leave home.

Safety On Site

All work is to be undertaken in such a way to eliminate or reduce any possible contact between ourselves and others on site. We ask that the safekeeping measures outlined above are followed in order to support this.

Leaving Site

Our installer will alert the site manager or designated person once they are ready to leave site. The installer will ensure they have the contact details of a designated person on site in the case they later become unwell or become aware that they have had contact with a suspected COVID-19 case. 

Our installers will keep a full summary of every location they access and times of access to comply with contact tracing guidelines. 

They will wash their hands, use hand sanitiser and continue to follow our internal COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures.


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