Custom Cladding

Prestige can provide a range of modern garage doors for those who put importance on style. We specialise in bespoke products and are always open to trying new concepts and materials.
Read on to find out more about these options;

Trespa Clad Garage Door

While we have a range of standardised “custom” doors we specialise in bringing any design concept to life. Whether it be using traditional materials in new layouts, or bringing new materials to the table, we love creating new doors to suit your project.

Laser-Cut Modern Garage Door

One of the key modern garage doors within the industry is the Laser-Cut Garage Door. As such a multi-faceted product, there is a wide range of uses and design. For example, the ventilated option aids with airflow as needed. Or a sealed door option can utilise a backing of sorts such as Plexiglass or ACM. Finally, this can be well matched with Design Panels, Fencing or Balustrades.

Composite Garage Door

Given New Zealand’s tradition with building with cedar, generally cedar garage doors are the standard. While these offer an effortless beauty they do require some upkeep and maintenance and the lifecycle cost is significantly higher than a similar door in Aluminium. While these are great for homeowners willing to invest in the maintenance, it can lead to damage for those who do not upkeep.

Composite Garage Doors are a new innovation in the market, changing how we are able to deliver this classic look. It is now possible to achieve the aesthetic of timber however with no aesthetic maintenance. This cladding material holds a lengthy warranty and retains its traditional look and is perfect for those unable to commit to years of painting and upkeep. 

Copper Clad Modern Garage Door

Copper delivers a rustic aesthetic to a garage door and is often used to match other features on the property such as spouting. Given the properties of copper, this requires very delicate handling to ensure this is not damaged or marked during fabrication. Throughout time these doors naturally age as shown in the image above. 

Another option for a Copper Aesthetic is the Metwood Powdercoat Range. This Powdercoat Range delivers Copper Style for a wide range of Aluminium style doors



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